Progress and Plans

While some goals of this project have been met, others have proved more difficult to pursue.

The initial goal of reorganizing UbuWeb has not yet been reached. Although rearranging the navigational links on the sidebar is not difficult and may make use of the site more intuitive and efficient, it fails to address that fundamentally UbuWeb is not a digital collection and can’t be expected to act like one. It is entirely possible that it could be reimagined as such, though that would require concentrated cataloging effort, and extensive efforts to demonstrate due diligence in contacting potential rightsholders. Such radical reorganization also potentially sacrifices the continuity and commentary which make the site so valuable. A proof of concept (with Omeka) is currently in progress.

The archiving and preserving of the site has been more successful so far. The existing html files have been harvested with Web HTTrack, thus creating a digital preservation copy of the site. The source code of the site has also been copied into txt files. Work continues towards rendering the html files as static PDF files (these will resemble screenshots of the pages), though it should be finished within days. This part of the project is essentially completed: a digital copy of UbuWebstatic version of UbuWeb is ready for printing and converting to microfilm or uploading to a self-publishing site such as Once the filming is finished, the digitized version will then be available for upload to UbuWeb.

Some preservation of the site’s media has already proved successful: five flipbooks have been created from UbuWeb video files. Additionally, local record presses are being considered as options for the press of 7″ vinyl of selected audio tracks. Ultimately these video and audio samples will accompany the printed or microfilmed version of UbuWeb as a set to be donated to Colorado College, who have offered longterm care of the item as part of their special collections related to the “future of the book”.