Overview of web archiving by the Library of Congress (2005, somewhat outdated): “This discussion concerns Web sites as they may be collected and archived for research access and long-term preservation. What is at stake is harvesting sites as they present themselves to users at a particular time.” Discusses macro and micro archiving strategies as well as comparative functionalities of each.

Companion website to prominent (and downloadable) text by Niels Brügger on web archiving. Includes highly relevant discussion of implications of micro-archiving: “Firstly, unlike other well-known media, the Internet does not simply exist in a form suited to being archived, but rather is first formed as an object of study in the archiving, and it is formed differently depending on who does the archiving, when, and for what purpose. Secondly, this means that there is an element of subjective creation in the archived material, so that methodical deliberations are necessary — in other words, the answers to why and how the archived material has been created.” This article documents the kind of challenges faced when archiving dynamic sites such as UbuWeb. Furthermore it evaluates the tools available for web archiving and points toward sites where new tools may be identified.
[step-by-step guide to web archiving] (pdf)
[downloadable book] (pdf)

Report authored by LIS students at the University of Texas (UT) on their experiences using DSpace to archive parts of the UT site. The main problems they encounter involve “technical communication, navigation, html support, and reliance on the system administrator”. Not very encouraging.

Conversation with Nat Wilson (Carleton College, MN USA)
The result of an in-person conversation at Computers in Libraries 2010 about web archiving.

Conversation with Dorothea Salo (University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI USA)
Discussion in the Library Society of the World FriendFeed room regarding easiest web archiving options.

Selective web archiving bibliography
Relevant published papers and articles on the topic of web archiving, collected by the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague and grouped by national/state efforts, last updated in 2008.